The process of artistic creation, at least since modernism, has been one of individualism. The artist, and the artist alone, will suffer, sustain, survive and finally give birth to a work of art. If there is assistance, we don’t need to know. If there are muses, they will only inspire, and step back to let the artist shine at the end.

In our upcoming exhibition, If Chaos Had A Name, not only each piece is a collaboration between five artists, but the process of creation – that most difficult, private and solitary adventure, is exposed to the audience from the moment of inception to the very end. The performance is on Thursday, February 26th at 7 p.m., while the final pieces are on our walls until March 14th. The artists will all conduct a workshop at the gallery on Saturday February 28th (see below for more details).

The Beautiful Formula Collective, consisting of Daniel Geiger, Oleksiy Koval, Veronika Wenger and Kuros Nekouian, will be performing and exhibiting their artworks at The Invisible Line, supported by the Ministry of Culture of Munich.

The collective’s daring upheaval of the hierarchical separations within artistic progression, and their meditation on collective creation, is much like the work of mythological gods in pursuit of beauty. The artists step out of their expected methods, delving into their momentary experience as they explore the outcome alongside their audience. “We want to find out the methods behind how a finalised work is incurred, as well as exploring artistic individuality as an activity that interweaves with forms of collective doing and conception. We want to face the process of painting and ask about the meaning of formulas and rules, which feed it and keep it in motion.”

This harmony of colours, forms and lines feels like a contemporary, improvised dance. And so, we witness rhythmical structures that generate and shape a determined movement in space and time. But these structures are not limiting – instead, they result in a pulsating, metrical spontaneity, each piece unique in creation and moving with a fluidity of verse. “Eventually an understanding emerges, if the onlooker leaves the position as an external observer and exposes him or herself to the participation in the process of art itself,” they say of the result. Beauty gives way to order; creativity lies in chaos.

Text and curation by Tara Aghdashloo

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