Oleksiy Koval, Untitled Solo, 2016
64 x 60 cm, paper, tape, marker on MDF
Courtesy of the artist and gallery Karin Wimmer contemporary art

We’re delighted to tell you that Oleksiy Koval was picked by Culture Trip as one of our Munich Local Favorites 2017.

If Sam Taylor-Johnson’s A Little Death is your thing or you can’t get enough of Takashi Murakami’s installations, then a trip to Munich is in order. As well as 80 museums and a plethora of contemporary art galleries, there are some brilliant contemporary artists marking their mark on the art world that you need to know about. Here are seven names to keep an eye out for.

Oleksiy Koval

Making the move from Ukraine to Munich, Koval brings a variety of cultural influences and artistic styles to his work both as a practising artist and guest speaker at philosophy lectures at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. His work often revolves around grids, where neat rows are disturbed by overlapping lines fighting for space or erratic paint dabs. The wide variety of materials Koval uses as a base is a striking element of his work – anything from cotton to MDF is his canvas.

by Roanna Mottershead

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