NOV 10 – 18

Experience can be understood as a process during which a vast number of media are assembled into a combination of forms. 
Oleksiy Koval

Michael Gene Aichner DE
Anneke Bosma NL
Iemke van Dijk NL
Daniel Geiger DE
Henriëtte van ‘t Hoog NL
Oleksiy Koval DE
Xiao Tang CN
Veronika Wenger DE
Michael Wright GB

Curated by
Ezgi Bakcay


A project on the subject rhythm in visual arts.

Rhythm is, at least since the beginning of Modernism, a central topic of Fine Arts. However, there has not been any larger project on this topic, especially none with contemporary artists. Our project is supposed to be a media cross-over and includes the various fields of contemporary art. 

Rhythm is an essential category, nevertheless rarely reflected in the context of fine art so far. 

Rhythm Section initiate an intense exchange of artists dealing with the issue of rhythm.

We invite artists, dealing explicitly and consciously with rhythm in their work. The exchange and the dynamic that arises from such a gathering of different approaches and media is to provide new starting points. Therefore this projects purpose is research and gaining knowledge about rhythm.

This project stimulates an exchange of artists of different nationalities and forms a network.

The current list of artists is characterized by a variety of media and disciplines.


This project is funded by
City of Munich
Department of Arts and Culture

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