Oleksiy Koval, “Sanguiniker”, 2015, 130 x 140 cm, marker, tape on MDF. Photo © Klaus Mauz

“Sanguiniker”, Oleksiy Koval, 2015

M 1/9 & 1/16b

R 5 1 5 2 5 3

E a,b,c…

#1. a *5+1+5+2+5+3 + max 4x(5+1+5+2+5+3)
#2. b *5+1+5+2+5+3 + max 4x(5+1+5+2+5+3)
#3. a or b or c *5+1+5+2+5+3 + max 4x(5+1+5+2+5+3)

Signs and symbols:

U unit
# entry
M meter
R rhythmical motive
E element
P procedure

* hits the meter
[] within the same area
#(n) number of entries
number of entries flexible
(n) size of unit
size of the unit is corresponding for all elements
|| order fixed
> n occupy n
{ n out of n possible
+ has to touch
V vertical
H horizontal
F flexibel

On this page I publish the compositions, which have been written using “The Beautiful Formula Language“. Please, feel free to send me your comment or any kind of question. 

Oleksiy Koval

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