Oleksiy Koval, The Beautiful Formula

Oleksiy Koval

The ideal of heaven on earth… is
to have a beautiful formula.
Paul Cézanne

SEP 11 – OCT 31, 2020

Opening SEP 10, 19:00

Digital Art Space
Amalienstr 14
80333 Munich

Digitization is the process of converting information into a digital (i.e. computer-readable) format, in which the information is organized into bits. Digitizing simply means the conversion of analog source material into a numerical format.

Digitization influences and changes everyday life, relationships, works, even elections. Urban development is taking form of a mega-media.

The idea of the Smart City goes hand in hand with the activation of digital technologies and at the same time represents a response to economic, social and political challenges.

Smart City stands for intelligent networking within a city. Moving images are a trend topic for media in public spaces. In Munich, the Ströer out of home media company currently operates 194 public video systems. Moving images on public video screens offer the chance for effective communication with mobile target groups in passing.

A public video screen is not only a digital surface for advertising or moving images, but also a surface for digital painting.

What is The Beautiful Formula? >>>

Soon more …

Oleksiy Koval, The Beautiful Formula

I thank

Bastian Becker, Sophie-Charlotte Bombeck, Simon Eastwood, Daniel Geiger, Stefan Helbig, Jenny Höfner, Oleksandr Koval, Prof. Bernhard Lypp, Volker Möllenhoff, Thomas Wacker, Veronika Wenger, Dr. Karin Wimmer and Michael Wright

for their precious collaboration in the making of this project.

This project is supported by

Ströer Media
Digital Art Space Munich
XR HUB Bavaria

We are proud to announce that Oleksiy Koval’s project The Beautiful Formula has been awarded a grant by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts.

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